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  • Agricultural Services

    Welcome to Awad Almurtaji Group Joint Since its establishment, the company is steadily progressing and where it began making its way Ambitions conscious and new thinking in the world of construction, thanks to prudent management, where available Company's outstanding cadres of highly qualified in various Althssat which was able to adhering And its determination and creativity to arrive at what it is now. Agricultural Services: Awad anticipated group excelled in the provision of agricultural services different: a. Design and construction of private gardens and public parks and surfaces. b. Design of waterfalls and fountains and artificial lakes. c. Agricultural consulting free of charge. d. Garden maintenance contracts, monthly and annual. e. Palm cultivation and maintenance (annual contracts). f. Care of plants, internal and external rare. g. Iial agricultural cultivation and cutting. h. Planting and cutting carbs and the formation of keno. i. Pest Control various agricultural. j. The supply of indoor and outdoor plants. k. Work of the entrances to parks and attitudes Balentrlok. l. Garden fence and determine Rbston agriculture. m. The work of the regular irrigation and automatic. n. Fertilizers, agricultural fertilizers. o. Sale and leasing of agricultural equipment. p. And all about the different agricultural work. .