• Decorative Services

    A group Awad anticipated opening a branch of the servicedecoration under the name (Dana Frist) has attracted a group in this area a distinct group of engineers with expertise and competencies global in the field of interior and exterior, Dana Frist has implemented the all the design work

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  • Agricultural Services

    Welcome to Awad Almurtaji Group Joint Since its establishment, the company is steadily progressing and where it began making its way Ambitions conscious and new thinking in the world of construction, thanks to prudent management, where available Company's outstanding cadres of highly qualified in various Althssat which was able to

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  • Computer Servicing

    Group established Awad anticipated branch of the companyunder the name dot com (DOT COM) works in the sale and purchase and maintenance of computers and networks has been keen dot com contracted with Mhnsen and technicians with expertise in the design and maintenance of networks in order toprovide all services and efficiently.

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